SupplyRI Success Story:

Central Paper & RISD



Central Paper:

“The program has allowed us greater reach and exposure with customers in the state. For example, we had supplied RISD previously, however it had been a challenge to connect and support RISD to our full ability. We are now on a course that will allow for greater exposure and contact that can exponentially allow us to provide RISD with enhanced services and support, as well as grow business with other art, graphic and design schools. The SupplyRI program has been the spark that lit the way to the future to develop our business and this particular relationship.”

Bruce Walker
Central Paper, Director Wide Format Technologies


“RISD is pleased to continue to be a part of this important effort to connect area Anchor institutions with local suppliers. Already we’ve seen a number of successes result, such as reconnecting with Central Paper at a SupplyRI event. In addition to offering competitive pricing, Central is able to provide RISD local onsite storage and same day delivery, critical services that are only possible with a local vendor. We look forward to continuing to be an active supporter and participant in SupplyRI.”

Dave Proulx
Rhode Island School of Design SVP of Finance & Administration