Success Story:

Business Adaptation Grant
Program Awardees

SupplyRI would like to highlight our Business Adaptation Grant awardees for demonstrating a proclivity for the resiliency and adaptation necessary to weather the COVID-19 pandemic. The Business Adaptation Grant Program was designed to assist companies dramatically constrained and significantly impacted by the public health emergency resulting from the COVID 19 pandemic. The program successfully awarded $3.5 million in relief to approximately 109 local businesses.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on our small business community, forcing companies to do business in a completely different way. As part of our CARES Act Restore RI programming, we were able to provide funding to struggling businesses to support efforts to pivot their business models, developing new products and new ways to deliver services to their customer,” said Rhode Island Commerce Managing Director of Innovation Christine M.B. Smith. “From turning favorite restaurant dishes into consumer packaged products to expanding virtual platforms, these companies are finding ways to not only survive but to thrive for the long term.”

"American Ecotech is now able to move forward with further protecting our employees during COVID-19 thanks to the Adaptation Grant. We will be able to have more availability for employees going remote, and be able to service customers remotely at a higher standard.” - Traci Lasher, American Ecotech

"This grant has changed our business forever. We are able to continue to pivot and grow thanks to the Business Adaptation Grant." - Mariana Silva-Buck, Little Maven Lemonade

"We are very grateful to the SupplyRI team for the Business Adaption Grant and assistance. With the funding made available by this program, we are able to adapt our business strategy for the current economic climate and be better prepared for and more durable against future sudden changes in our economy." - Will Burgess, Flat Waves Food Shack