Success Story:

Under Cost Media, Inc.
& Take It Outside Grant Program Awardees

The Take It Outside Grant Program distributed more than $7.2 million total in grants to more than 100 intermediary organizations to help Rhode Island businesses increase outdoor commerce in an effort to reduce the transmission rate of COVID-19.

"We are invigorated and inspired by the growing number of organizations and businesses that are taking it outside," said Rhode Island Commerce Secretary Stefan Pryor. "We are grateful to Rhode Islanders for proposing yet additional – and very practical – ways to conduct business and live life outdoors. Doing so will enable us to get even more commerce going while keeping ourselves even safer."

As fitness classes, dining, family activities, and even business meetings transitioned to take place out in the fresh air, the SupplyRI team worked diligently with Chambers of Commerce, Cities, Towns, and various organizations to procure much-needed products and services. To date, SupplyRI has facilitated the distribution of over 640 heaters to Take It Outside awardees in addition to a myriad of other products and services. Over 600 heaters were supplied by Under Cost Media, Inc. alone.

“SupplyRI was instrumental in connecting the dots for Under Cost during this challenging time for small businesses. With their help, we were able to provide over 600 outdoor patio heaters to local towns and municipalities, helping extend the outdoor eating season. Communication from SupplyRI was excellent and we cannot thank them enough for the help.”- Under Cost Media, Inc.

SupplyRI is extremely grateful to all local suppliers for their assistance in providing essential products and services; the successful connections due to Take It Outside have been a boon to the Rhode Island small business community during these unprecedented times.

“The City of Woonsocket was recently awarded a $90K grant to implement outdoor programs under the Governor’s “Take it Outside” Initiative. We found that much of the equipment needed for programming was expensive and often in short supply with long delivery lead times. We turned to the supply team at RI Commerce for help and they were able to quickly help us procure the outdoor equipment and products that we needed for immediate delivery and at a great price. Their resources and procurement abilities were vital in our being able to help Woonsocket businesses, seniors and residents “Take it Outside” during the upcoming colder months.” - Lisa Baldelli-Hunt, Mayor, City of Woonsocket

“SupplyRI was a great partner to the Town of Bristol and its businesses throughout the “Take It Outside initiative. Doris and Bronte were always responsive to any questions that we had, and they helped our team connect with local vendors who could deliver outdoor supplies in a pinch.” - Chris Vitale, Economic Development Coordinator, Town of Bristol

"Working with Doris Blanchard and the team at SupplyRI has made a big difference in sourcing supplies in a timely and fair manner," said Federal Hill Commerce Association Executive Director & EGN Consulting President Rick Simone. "Without them I feel we would not have had the level of quick success that we have accomplished."

“I am very appreciative of the SupplyRI team for providing me with a long list of local providers that offered hand sanitizer of all sizes. The hand sanitizer we were able to procure will be distributed on a campaign to control COVID-19. I can't thank Doris and Bronte enough for the prompt response and help in choosing two local providers who offered exactly what we were looking for. Thanks again for your assistance. RIPLA, the Rhode Island Latinos Professional Association and myself were very pleased to have partnered with SupplyRI on this endeavor.” – Sylvia Bernal, Treasurer, Rhode Island Latinos Professional Association